August 26, 2009

Linkbait And How To Create Natural Backlinks

Linbait is site which naturally attracts a great deal of links. It is related to viral marketing.

Backlinks or Inbound Links

After keyword optimization, getting backlinks beocomes a priority.

There are a number of ways to do this.

Comment on othe blogs similar to yours and have a link back to your site with keywords using in the anchor text

Do not collect backlinks too fast or too many in one day. Google will see this as not natural and may penalize you for it.

If your site is unique and you have great content, you will only need backlinks for a few good site to get the ball rolling naturally.

If you had your site up for a while and don't see much traffic, then it is time to build links slowly.

Go to social bookmarking sites and list your links.

The best way to get a good amount of quality traffic is article marketing. This is where you place articles on article sites and place a link back to your site. The people reading your article will have your subject in mind. This method is also harder as you are basically giving your article to the article directories. However some article sites will allow you to make money by posting the article This can be by pageviews or adsnese ads. Some article site will not allow a link back or it is a do not follow link. If it doesn't link back, then at least post your name if your not that private of a person. If it has a do not follow link, then post the article there later after you have posted to other article sites with do follow links. I show you how to determine which sites have do not follow tags later on in this site.



go articles

yahoo answers




bookmarking demon

The problem may become what site do I go with first. Use sites which have the most traffic. Use alexa to determine this. Keep in mind that sites with the most traffic may also be harder to post in.

Do follow links have more importance but do not completely ignore do not follow links. You will need to have some of those to look natural.

Use Seoquake, a free plugin for firefox, to help you determine if a site has do not follow links, the page ranks of a site, and top keywords of a site. If you don't have firefox then first you will need to download that before you can use SEOquake.

You can also manually tell if a site has do not follow links by using this method. Go to View---Source or PageSource, Then type press control F at the same time to bring up the searcher. Type in do not follow in the search and see if anything comes up. If not then it will follow your link.

One thing to note about yahoo answers is to not abuse it. You will have to reach level 2 before you can post a link. This may take you a week. However they ban users quickly so read community guidelines. Once your level 2, find one good question which relates to your website and then put your link in there. Continue using the site on occasion but do not put your links anymore or only occasionally.

One way links are links on other sites that point to your site but on your site you don't have a link to point back. These links are given more weight by google. So does this mean you should not put any links on your sites? Absolutely not. It won't look natural.

Pick some sites that you want to have as one way link sites. Directories are great for that.


Links form higher pr(page rank) sites to yours are given more weight. However trying to put a link on high pr site can be very difficult or very expensive. Start with high of a pr linking site as you can find. PR goes from 0 to 10. Google, Yahoo, and the like are considered to have a PR of 10. Some sites are ranked so low they don't hae a PR. To increase the PR of your site will take time, work, and know-how just like in the real world.

There are various software and companies out there which will use various link exchange scheme to build up the PR of your site. Just beware that google frowns upon this and my even ban your site if it is found to use some kind of link exchange or traffic exchange scheme.

There are many free and paid backlink checker tools. Just keep in mind that they will not show all of the backlinks a particular site has. The reason is that they get there information from major search engines and the search engines will hide a good portion of the backlinks. The reason for that is so you cannot game the system.
The number of actual backlinks a site have may be double or even 10 times what the backlink cheker tool is reporting. Quantity of backlinks will only be one portion of your strategy do get in the google top 5 for your keywords.


Profitable Keywords

Profitable Keywords

Here is a site which lists the top 500 profitable current keywords.
7 search top 500 profitable keywords

Remember that keyword profitability is a combination of per click amount and search traffic.
Profitable keywords are always changing day to day and even hour to hour.

Go for keywords which have little competition. You can determine this by going to a major search engine and typing in your keywords in quotes. You will find out how many competitors there are.
Make sure you also see advertisements on the search page. This will show you that advertisers are bidding for them. The large the number of advertisements the better.

The first step to making money online is to find profitable keywords.

The second step is to build your site around those keywords.

The third step is to tweak your site around those keyword to get a higher search engine rank to get more traffic.

The fourth step is to convert that traffic into money. This can be done by a number of ways.
Use google adsense ads, affiliate links, charge for advertising space or sell your own products.
Selling your own products is the most profitable. The easier product is what you already know or have already built. If you can create an e-book then that is great.

Use google adwords tool to find profitable keywords, keyword ideas, and keyword suggestions.

Another useful tool is the google traffic estimator


After keywords are place in the url, title and post title then we need to talk about keyword density. This is the amount of times your keyword is repeated in terms of the words you have on the page. Not enough and you won't rank well. Too much and google becomes suspicious. Ideally one needs between 2-4% keyword density in each article.

This can be determined simply by doing a word count of the page on your site and then multipling that number by either .02 or .03 or .04. This should give you an idea of how many times to repeat your main keyword.


It is a good idea to use other similar keyword in your article as long as it doesn't take your article off-subject. Google Adwords tool is good for finding that. It will take some time to go through the often long list that the tool produces. Try to find words that fit your conent well that will please both humand and robots alike.

August 23, 2009

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