October 1, 2008

Earn Cash Online

Revver will share 50% ad revenue for posting videos. This is currently the highest ad revenue models for posting video.

AP will pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for original articles, audio, or video accepted by them. In addition there is residual income based on number of views.

www.xomba.com Xomba lets you write article with a minimum of 150 word and lets you profit off the adsense ads on your articles. They have the lowest minimum word amount of any article writing I have ever seen. The also let you write xombytes which only need a minimum of 50 words! The split adsense revenue with 60% going to xomba and 40% going to you.

Another writing based site will give you residual money. Also have contests and writing offers from other companies. Nice community.

Make money writing stories depending on your monthly ranking.

Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge! Bukisa will pay for your articles, audio, and video based on page-views. Currently the rate is $3.45 for one thousand views. I like this scheme in the sense that the money coming in is steadier. You will need at least 250 words per article and they will review it. The payout is $10 with paypal.

Grizzly's Make Money Blog
A no nonsense site about the inside secrets of making money with a website. Operated by a guy name Griz.

This a great site for information on how to make money online. It was started by a guy who owned his own printing business but gave it up after seeing his online earnings potential.

Awesome site to get you going on the path to making money online.